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A simple blockchain solution for managing unique ID’s

A simple blockchain solution for managing unique ID’s

ID’s can be administered for long and short term use. Long term as a unique account number. Short term for identifying an individual or resource with regard to a specific (trans)action.

Different acts require different information

The difficulty with identification is that from a philosophical point of view you get an identity from someone else. This image that one person has, often differs from the one that others have. In altering situations not only your identity differs, but also that what you like to disclose to others. Different relations require different information to be exchanged.

Data trust

IDTree is designed for the purpose of disclosing information (attributes) to a designated counterpart safely. You select your data yourself, making it consent based by default. The act of selection will improve your data awareness. The fact that you can reuse information from one account toward different services reduces the number of platforms where you need to leave your precious data behind.

Similar on the outside, different on the inside

The blockchain based (temporary) identity has both a public and a private key. The public key will allow you to identify as a unique individual. The private key discloses your information to your counterpart for the purpose of the service, and to that extent alone. Actively consenting to disclose different attributes increases data awareness. In this way supports trusted data exchange, just for the period of use. Like a leaf on a tree, on the outside you merely see a leaf like any other, on the inside it holds personal attributes defining what makes it unique. Its life cycle is temporary: after conclusion of its purpose the access to your data will perish.

Use case: Mobility-as-a-Service

MaaS, for short, is the concept in which a digital service provider combines a number of mobility services. Like public transport, a rent-a-bike or a taxi for instance. At this moment you use three or more different apps to get access to the information of each service. Moreover they require your data. IDTree enables consented transferral of data to all these services using only one account. Making your life easier and maintaining control over your data.


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